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K-POP QUIZ: How Well Do You Know NCT?

NCT 127 celebrates their fourth anniversary since debut on July 7th, 2020! Taking the world by storm, this talented group quickly rose to the top ranks of K-pop groups with their great choreography and fierce music to become a favorite with fans around the globe. However, NCT 127 wouldn’t be possible without NCT as a […]Read More

WATCH: Super M Goes Hard In Fierce “Jopping” MV For Debut

Super M has made their debut! On October 4th at midnight EST, Super M released their debut track “Jopping.” A combination of the word jumping and popping, the talented group shows off their amazing choreography skills in the hard-hitting track that makes an impact for their debut track. The video is shown in a futuristic […]Read More

WATCH: NCT U Talks About “YESTODAY” In Smooth MV

NCT U is back with another song! On April 1st, the popular young group from SMTOWN released the music video for “YESTODAY.” As NCT U is a unit with rotating members based on each individual song, this particular track includes Taeyong, Doyoung, Lucas, and Mark! “YESTODAY” is a track off NCT’s new album, NCT 2018 Empathy. […]Read More

WATCH: NCT U’s Ten And Taeyong Thrill Fans With New “Baby Don’t Stop” MV

NCT U‘s Ten and Taeyong have released their collaboration track and MV! “Baby Don’t Stop” was officially released on February 26th on SMTOWN‘s official YouTube channel. The song was released under the name NCT U but features Taeyong and Ten, marking their first collaboration as a duo. The two talented, young artists show off their […]Read More

WATCH: NCT’s Taeyong And Ten Drop New Teasers For “Baby Don’t Stop”

UPDATED: SMTOWN has released more teasers for the upcoming duo project from NCT‘s Taeyong and Ten! The guys shared a new teaser image, as well as a teaser video entitled “Play.” The video gives fans a preview of their upcoming MV and track, “Baby Don’t Stop.” It will be released on February 27th. Who’s ready? UPDATED: NCT has now released Taeyong‘s teasers […]Read More

WATCH: NCT 127’s Taeyong Drops New MV With Yoo Young Jin

The newest song and MV for SM STATION has been released! On August 5th, NCT 127‘s Taeyong and artist Yoo Young Jin released the music video for “Cure.” SMTOWN says about the track, “The song’s lyrics talk about lending a hand and supporting each other during difficult times, and thus ‘Cure’ the broken hearts.” The […]Read More