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10 K-pop Girl Groups That Deserved Better

In the past decade alone, there have been more than a couple of groups that have faded away due to lack of attention, promotion, less-than-supportive promotions by their company, or just unfortunate circumstances. There are others who are still together as groups, but they continue to struggle or are on hiatus, leaving fans wondering about […]Read More

WATCH: T-ara’s Jiyeon Takes Control In “Take A Hike” Music Video

T-ara‘s Jiyeon returns with a strong message! On December 26th at 6 p.m. KST, the multitalented idol-actress made her comeback with a new album and a music video for her title song, “Take a Hike.” The hip-hop track resonates with a strong beat with an equally firm stance on taking the lead on living your […]Read More

WATCH: Hyomin Will “Allure” You With New MV Release

Hyomin has made her official solo comeback! On February 20th KST, the T-ARA member released her newest music video for “Allure.” In her new MV, the beautiful and talented Hyomin shows a number of sides. You have to watch just to know what we’re talking about! “Allure” is the title track of Hyomin’s 3rd mini-album […]Read More

WATCH: T-ara’s Jiyeon Is Warm And Hopeful In Comeback MV For “One Day”

On December 22nd at 6 p.m. KST, T-ara‘s Jiyeon revealed the music video for her long awaited solo comeback, “One Day”! Her new digital single release is available in both Korean and Chinese and is a medium-tempo ballad. This marks her first solo comeback since “Never Ever” in 2014. The song expresses the thoughts of […]Read More

10 More Times K-pop Idols Rocked Their Halloween Costumes

Last year, we did a feature on 10 amazing K-pop idols who rocked their Halloween costumes. We talked about everyone from Super Junior to SEVENTEEN, so this year, we thought we would look at even more idols who got creative when it came to their costumes! From rookie singers to senior artists, soloists to full […]Read More

WATCH: T-ara’s Hyomin Gets Tropical In New “Mango” MV

T-ara‘s Hyomin has released a new solo MV! On September 12th, the lovely singer released the music video for “Mango.” The catchy song draws inspiration from tropical music with its polyrhythm beat and xylophone sounds with synthesizers. The overall effect is perfect for a song entitled “Mango” and keeps a fresh, fun vibe throughout the entire song. Meanwhile, […]Read More

10 Of The Hottest Busan Babes In K-pop

You’ve heard of the famous Busan boys, but what about the beautiful Busan babes? With summer’s ending just around the corner, WTK wanted one last salute to the season! So, what better way to continue our Busan obsession than with a list of the most gorgeous ladies from the region? We gave you our list […]Read More

10 Of The Most Underrated Sub-Units In Kpop

South Korean music and entertainment is extremely vast and continuously growing! Every year there are new groups, solo artists, duos, projects, and collaborations. However, some people tend to forget about one particular method of continuing music trends: sub-units! Bands, especially those with many members, group a portion of the members together for a separate project. […]Read More

WATCH: T-ara Makes Final Comeback With “What’s My Name?” MV

MBK Entertainment has finally released the long-awaited “What’s My Name?” MV, T-ara‘s final song together before they disband following its promotions. The song consists of a light techno beat with shots of all the members together: in a train, by a fountain, and walking along a strip of forest. Most of the music video seems […]Read More