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WATCH: Nam Tae Hyun Is Deep In Thought In Music Video For “Black”

On December 18th at 6 p.m. KST, Nam Tae Hyun dropped a somber music video for his new release, “Black.” “Black” is the first track for a venture called Space Project under the record label Clef Music. The song is “a medium-tempo ballad with jazz-like piano and [a] vintage sound.” The music video shows a man […]Read More

WATCH: Nam Tae Hyun Celebrates Life As An “Outcast” In South Club MV

Former Winner member Nam Tae Hyun‘s band South Club tell the story of this generation’s youth in their second EP 20. The album, which was released on May 30th at 6 PM KST, includes title track “Outcast,” which contains lyrics that strongly reflect Nam Tae Hyun’s own experiences feeling like a misfit and overcoming related […]Read More

Nam Taehyun’s South Club Band Releases Debut MV For “Dirty House”

Nam Taehyun just released his debut MV, “Dirty House” for his band South Club! This is Nam Taehyun’s official debut after leaving both YG Entertainment and male idol group WINNER in late 2016 and establishing his self-made company South Buyers Club. This debut definitely brings back many qualities from the 90s Grunge genre. From his aesthetic […]Read More

WATCH: Nam Tae Hyun’s Band South Buyer’s Club Drops “Hug Me” MV

Former WINNER member Nam Tae Hyun has released the first single for his new band. On March 26th KST, the band, known as South Buyer’s Club or South Club, released their long-awaited single, entitled “Hug Me.” The laidback rock ballad perfectly shows off the band’s musical skills and Tae Hyun’s lovely voice, giving off a […]Read More

Nam Tae Hyun’s Band South Buyers Club Releases Teaser For New Single

Former WINNER member Nam Taehyun and his band will be releasing a new single! On May 19th, the band dropped their first teaser image, showing Nam Taehyun staring at the camera. The words “South Buyers Club” and “Hug Me” are written across his face, giving off a melancholy and retro vibe. “Hug Me” is the […]Read More

Former WINNER Member Nam Tae Hyun Starts His Own Music Company

On March 30th, Nam Tae Hyun officially became the head of his own music company! Just a few minutes ago, on April 11th KST, the former WINNER member shared the news through a post on his Instagram site. The post shows the documents that declare his company authorized and legal by the government and naming […]Read More