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WATCH: EXID’s Solji Learns To Let Go In “Rains Again” Music Video

On June 9th at 6 p.m. KST, EXID‘s Solji returned to share a heart-wrenching summer song! Her solo ballad track, written and composed by LOOGONE, is called “Rains Again” and explores the feelings of someone after ending a relationship, when the pain has dulled enough and the heart is ready to let go. Its music […]Read More

WATCH: EXID Makes Five-Member Comeback In New “I Love You” MV

EXID has finally come back as a full group for the first time in two years! With the return of leader Solji, EXID released the music video for their new track “I Love You” on November 21st! The new single was written by EXID’s main rapper LE and producer Shinsadong Tiger. It showcases Solji and Hyelin‘s power […]Read More

Mini K-POP In Atlanta Brings Amazing Performances To Local Event

Atlanta had the opportunity to witness another Kpop event recently! This time around, the fun event was held here by SJ Victory Media! The event, held in December, showcased the great talent that can be found here in Atlanta — ranging from musicians, singers, and even dance groups! The talent was endless at the magnificent […]Read More

WATCH: EXID’s Solji Delivers Beautiful Remastered “Re:flower” Track “Dreamer”

EXID’s Solji has just released her remastered solo track, “Dreamer,” for their “Re:flower” project! As the first remastered track for their “Re:flower” project, “Dreamer” is Solji’s solo track from the group’s fourth mini-album, Full Moon. EXID will be releasing remastered tracks each month as part of their “Re:flower” project until August. The concept of the new project […]Read More

EXID Drops Track List For “Full Moon” Album

UPDATED: On October 30th, EXID dropped the track list for their upcoming album, Full Moon. What do you think? UPDATED: EXID has revealed a group teaser image, as well as two photos for member Solji! Check it out below. UPDATED: EXID has released individual teaser images for Hani and LE! Don’t they look amazing? Check out their photos below. Which one is your favorite? UPDATED: EXID has released […]Read More

WATCH: EXID Releases New Music Video “Night Rather Than Day”

It’s been almost nine months since EXID released L.I.E., but they have just returned with their newest comeback! After an Mnet Live release presentation on Youtube, they dropped the music video for “낮보다는 밤 (Night Rather Than Day)” on April 10th. In December of last year, Banana Culture dropped the news that member Solji has hyperthyroidism and […]Read More