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WATCH: Woodie Gochild, Jay Park, & Dok2 Drop New “Let’s Get It” Teaser

UPDATED: Woodie Gochild has released a new teaser video for his upcoming collaboration with Jay Park and Dok2. Check it out below! ORIGINAL: Woodie Gochild is ending his biggest year in an equally big way! The rapper, who first gained attention as a contestant on “Show Me The Money 6,” is teaming up with former mentors Jay Park and Dok2 for their new […]Read More

WATCH: Jay Park, Boi.B, And Double K Drop Collaboration MV For “Reborn”

Jay Park, Boi.B, And Double K have released a new music video! On August 21st, the three hip-hop artists released a special collaboration video,”Reborn.” The MV was done in collaboration with “Show Me The Money 6” and the health drink “Hwal Myung Soo.” The upbeat song has a fresh, fun summer vibe. The bright colors […]Read More

WATCH: Jay Park And Dok2 Are The “Most Hated” In New MV

Jay Park and Dok2 have come together to release an MV for their new song, “Most Hated.” The song fuses Dok2’s aggressive and flashy rap with Jay Park’s softer and melodic rapping and singing. The two stars performed the track on Episode 4 of “Show Me The Money 6” as a part of the producer […]Read More

Jay Park And DOK2 To Release New Track “MOST HATED” Together

It looks like Jay Park and DOK2 are ready to come together again for a killer track! On June 28th KST, a picture was revealed on various social media sites. The picture had the words “MOST HATED” written in the middle, along with Jay Park and DOK2’s names. Below it was a release date of […]Read More

“Show Me The Money 6” Holds Open Auditions Online

It’s time for your hip-hop dream to come true! Mnet‘s popular survival show “Show Me The Money” is currently holding open auditions for their newest season! This show has had many famous Korean rappers audition and participate in the show. Some of the participants over the years have been San E, Dok2, Bobby from Ikon, […]Read More