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WATCH: ZICO Releases Fresh, New MV For “She’s A Baby”

Block B’s Zico just released a mesmerizing music video for his latest solo track, “She’s A Baby.” It’s a mellow tune that reveals a refreshing, new side of the idol, but obviously hosts some hip-hop elements. A couple of verses contain some of his skilled raps, but the overall song has a jazzy/blues feel to it. […]Read More

WATCH: Zico Releases First Teaser For Official MV “SHE’S A BABY”

Zico has released the first official teaser for his new song! At first, Zico released casual teaser videos, featuring two of his friends and coworkers listening to the song and sharing their opinions. The first fun video featured Beenzino, who said that the song reminded him of a “white cat and white curtain.” The second […]Read More

Block B’s Zico Teases Upcoming Track “SHE’S A BABY”

Zico is getting ready to drop a new single! On April 7th KST, Block B member Zico teased his latest upcoming track “SHE’S A BABY” through an Instagram video. The video focuses on rapper Beenzino who gives his thoughts on the new track stating, “It reminds me of a white cat and a white curtain.” […]Read More