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“Hyena” Comes To Successful Finish With Highest Ratings Ever

The drama “Hyena” has come to a successful end, reaching its highest ratings since the start of the show! The program, which stared Joo Ji Hoon (“Kingdom”) and Kim Hye Soo (“Signal”), followed the story of two highly-competitive lawyers who knew no bounds and obeyed no morals when it came to winning their cases. As […]Read More

BLACKPINK Sets YouTube Record For Kpop On First Anniversary

Just in time for their first anniversary since their debut in 2016, BLACKPINK has set a new Kpop record! On August 8th, the group’s newest MV, entitled “As If It’s Your Last,” became the fastest Kpop MV to break 100 million views! The record was previously held by TWICE for their MV “TT” and took […]Read More

BLACKPINK Becomes Fastest Kpop Group To Surpass 10 Million Views

BLACKPINK is breaking records with their newest music video, “As If It’s Your Last.” Released on YouTube at 6 p.m. KST on June 22nd, “As If It’s Your Last”  has reached 10 million views in less than 17 hours. With this accomplishment, BLACKPINK has established a new YouTube standard for the fastest Kpop music video to reach 10 […]Read More

TWICE’s “TT” Set New Record With Over 200 Million View On YouTube

TWICE has set yet another record! On May 25th, the popular rookie group from JYP Entertainment established a new record as the first girl group in Kpop to hit over 200 million views with a single video. Their hit song “TT” gained an additional 10 million views in less than three weeks, officially putting it over […]Read More

TWICE’s “TT” Becomes The Most-Viewed Kpop Girl Group MV On YouTube

TWICE continues setting more records every day! On May 8th KST, the JYP Entertainment girl group officially became the most-viewed Kpop girl group on YouTube as their hit MV “TT” went over 189.5 million views on YouTube. The achievement put them ahead of SNSD‘s “I Got A Boy,” which held the record for numerous years […]Read More

BTS Sets New Record On Spotify With “Blood Sweat & Tears”

BTS has set two new records on Spotify! As of April 7th, BTS’s song “Blood Sweat & Tears” is now the most-played Kpop song on Spotify, followed closely by BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang.” Since then, the number of plays has increased even more— reaching a total of over 34 million plays! In addition, BTS is now the first […]Read More

SMTOWN Sets New Record On YouTube For Asian Music Companies

Congratulations to SMTOWN! The mega famous Kpop label has set an impressive record on YouTube, becoming the first record company in all of Asia to hit 10 million subscribers on their official channel! SMTOWN, otherwise known as SM Entertainment, is the home to legendary Kpop groups such as TVXQ, Super Junior, SNSD, EXO, and many […]Read More