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WTK QUIZ: Who Is Your Best Friend In BTS?

This year, June 12th marks BTS‘s 5th anniversary since their debut! Celebrate the past 5 years with this amazing band by finding out who your BTS bestie would be! Is your new BFF destined to be RM or Jimin? J-Hope or Jin? Take our fun quiz to find out, then let us know your results […]Read More

BTS Drops Full Set Of “Love Yourself” Concept Posters

BTS‘s comeback is almost here!  The last member poster has just been revealed for BTS’s upcoming “Love Yourself” series! This time, Jin is featured in the image, looking handsome and holding a bouquet of flowers. Check it out, along with the other posters below. J-HOPE: V: Rap Monster: Jimin: Suga: ORIGINAL: On August 11th KST, the […]Read More

Everything We Know So Far About BTS’ J-Hope’s Upcoming Mixtape

If you’re an A.R.M.Y, you know that other BTS fans worldwide are waiting with bated breath for J-Hope‘s mixtape. We’ve all heard them tease us about it, we’ve seen the aesthetic V-taken Twitter photos, and we know that it could hit us at any moment. After Rap Monster and Suga, J-Hope will be the third member (and […]Read More

Rap Monster Sustains Minor Injury And Cannot Dance At Upcoming Concerts

BTS’s Rap Monster has sadly sustained a minor injury due to a small incident! BTS is currently as busy as ever on the last half of the Japan portion of their current world tour,”2017 BTS Live Trilogy Episode III: The Wings Tour.” On June 30th, Big Hit Entertainment took to Twitter with a sudden message regarding […]Read More

WATCH: BTS Slays On The Red Carpet For Billboard Music Awards

BTS has captured the hearts of American audiences with their appearance on the BBMA red carpet! On May 21st, the popular Kpop group was invited to the Billboard Music Awards after being nominated for Top Social Artist. This marks the first time a Kpop group has ever been nominated for a BBMA. In addition, it […]Read More

WATCH: Gaeko Drops Fierce New Track Featuring Rap Monster

Gaeko, rapper from Dynamic Duo, has released his newest song and MV! The track, entitled “코끼리 (Elephant)” features BTS leader Rap Monster. The contrasting tones of the two artists complement each other perfectly, showcasing the talents of both rappers as they deliver the quick lyrics of the song. The music video itself is an animated video […]Read More

BTS’s Rap Monster And Rapper Wale Release Highly Anticipated Collaboration Track

It’s finally here! After months of anticipation from fans, American rapper Wale and BTS‘s Rap Monster have finally released their collaboration track and music video. Buzz started about a possible collaboration when Wale mentioned the popular idol group in one of his verses last year. Rap Monster in particular was overjoyed to hear about this since […]Read More

Rapper Wale And BTS’s Rap Monster Meet Up In Seoul

It looks like a collaboration is finally in the works! On March 4th KST, American rapper Wale and BTS leader Rap Monster met up during Wale’s trip to Seoul. A few weeks ago, a fan asked Wale when they would finally collaborate, and he answered that he would be heading to Seoul soon to meet […]Read More

10 “Ugly” Kpop Guys That Are Actually Super Hot

As we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, sometimes people can just be a little harsh when it comes to judging appearances. Other times, there are different standards of beauty in each culture, leading to disagreements about who is hot or not. That point has never been clearer than when many […]Read More