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WATCH: Chungha Channels A Vibrant Spirit In “PLAY” Featuring Changmo

On June 6th at 6 p.m. KST, the MNH Entertainment soloist dropped another pre-release track and music video called “PLAY”! The dynamic song expresses overflowing emotions between two people and an urgency to be even closer with their lover. VINCENZO, Fuxxy, Any Masingga, Anna Timgren, and Changmo teamed up for the lyrics and composition while […]Read More

WATCH: Chungha Brings Sunny Cheer With “Be Yourself” MV

Chungha is here with a new music video, released on June 9th at 12 p.m. KST! “Be Yourself” is a lively track about understanding each person’s uniqueness and finding the courage to be yourself. It is a collaboration between Sprite and MNH Entertainment as part of the latter’s special agency project, “New.wav.” The said project […]Read More

WATCH: Chungha Teams Up With pH-1 For Comforting “My Friend” MV

On May 30th KST, soloist Chungha teamed up with H1GHER MUSIC‘s pH-1 to churn out the digital single, “My Friend.” The track speaks about wanting to console a someone by taking some of the weight off their shoulders, asking them to write down what’s troubling their mind. It was written by Zion T., pH-1, and […]Read More

WATCH: BVNDIT Gets Fierce In Catchy “Jungle” MV

BVNDIT is back with another catchy song and video! On May 12th, the MNH Entertainment girl group released the music video for “Jungle.” The upbeat song has a catchy hook and hard-hitting beat which leaves listeners unable to stop dancing. Combining the track with the MV’s gorgeous visuals and the group’s great choreography, the video […]Read More

WATCH: Chungha Captivates In “Stay Tonight” Pre-Release Music Video

Chungha is here to stun with her music video for “Stay Tonight’! Fuxxy, VINCENZO, Anna Timgren, and Any Masingga came together to write and compose the track. Vincenzo and Any Masingga were credited for the arrangement of the song as well. “Stay Tonight” is Chungha’s third digital single and is a prelude to her upcoming […]Read More

WATCH: BVNDIT Plays It “Cool” In Fun MV For English-Language Single

BVNDIT is back with another catchy song and fun MV! On February 6th, the girl group dropped the music video for “Cool.” The video features the members, as well as other people, walking down the street in a quirky, pieced-together format as they go about their day. The girl-power song was released in English and […]Read More