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WATCH: NU’EST Drops Five-Member Version Of “I Don’t Care” Track

NU’EST has released a new version of their song “I Don’t Care”! In the new version of the song, all five members are heard singing in the song which features Spoonz. The song was previously released under the name NU’EST W, when only four members were actively promoting in a sub-unit while member Minhyun was […]Read More

NU’EST To Promote As “NU’EST W” Without Minhyun

NU’EST will be coming back as “NU’EST W” with a title track produced by Kiggen. The “W” in “NU’EST W” stands for “Wait,” as in “Waiting for Minhyun‘s return from Wanna One.” They will be promoting under the name as a special unit while Minhyun re-debuts with Wanna One. The group will be promoting as […]Read More

(UPDATED) Pledis Entertainment Says NU’EST Will Make Comeback This Fall

Great news for fans of “Produce 101.” The boys of NU’EST will be making a comeback this fall! On June 19th KST, Pledis Entertainment released a statement and said that after conferring with the members, they have decided to hold a comeback later this year. They had originally spoken with the press earlier today to […]Read More