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10 K-pop Girl Groups That Deserved Better

In the past decade alone, there have been more than a couple of groups that have faded away due to lack of attention, promotion, less-than-supportive promotions by their company, or just unfortunate circumstances. There are others who are still together as groups, but they continue to struggle or are on hiatus, leaving fans wondering about […]Read More

6 K-pop Songs With Lyrics As Beautiful As Their Music Videos

Many music videos in K-pop are beyond aesthetically pleasing and delve into lyrics as beautiful as the visuals that compliment them. Here is a short list of a few we love! 1. Secret – “Starlight, Moonlight“ Starting off the list is this oldie— but adorable— goodie! This soft, vintage, floral concept fits the lyrics well […]Read More

WATCH: Ladies’ Code Wants Your “Feedback” In Lively Comeback MV

Ladies’ Code has returned with a new digital single! On May 16th at 6 p.m. KST, the girls dropped their latest song “Feedback.” Composed and written by 1Take and TAK, the lively retro track pays tribute to where they started their journey. Ladies’ Code has been forging for their individual paths for the past two […]Read More

WATCH: Ladies’ Code Releases Charming MV For “The Last Holiday”

Ladies’ Code is back with a new MV! On December 12th at noon KST, the lovely group released the video for “The Last Holiday.” The Christmas song is full of the warmth of the season, its medium pop tempo making for a sweet track that is perfect for the season. Meanwhile, the music video features […]Read More

Ladies’ Code’s Ashley Makes Shimmery Solo Debut With “Here We Are”

Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley has just made her official solo debut! Ashley, the leader of Ladies’ Code, has finally made her solo debut with “Here We Are.” Also the name of her album, the new track marks the summer queen’s venture into the tropical-dance genre. Produced by Paper Planet, 1Take, and TAK, Ashley’s solo debut track will […]Read More

Watch: Ladies’ Code Sojung Releases Solo Debut MV For “Better Than Me”

Ladies’ Code member Sojung has released the MV for her solo debut song, “Better Than Me.” Created by producing team Artronic Waves, “Better Than Me” is a sorrowful ballad filled with powerful vocals that catches the listeners’ attention from the beginning. The MV features LOOΠΔ’s Hyunjin as the protagonist, and she does an amazing job emoting the sad […]Read More

Ladies’ Code Is Back With A Hauntingly Elegant New MV For “The Rain”

Ladies’ Code is back with a gorgeous new MV entitled “The Rain!” Backed by prominent producers Hwang Hyun and OREO, Ladies’ Code released their new MV on October 13th at 12am KST, dazzling their fans with a funky techno beat. Don’t let that fool you though- the music video is ripe with flower imagery and surreal […]Read More