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I-LAND: Get To Know The Top 10 Trainees

On June 26th, 2020, the world watched 23 trainees step onto the stage of the new K-pop survival show “I-LAND” to become the next big group. The final episode will result in the top contestants debuting together in a group under BELIFT (full name BELIFT LAB Incorporations), a joint venture from Big Hit Entertainment and […]Read More

QUIZ: Which “Running Man” Member Are You?

Everyone knows and loves the Korean variety show “Running Man”! The cast might have gone through some cast changes from the early days until now, but the show has remained a favorite of viewers every weekend! If you were a part of this hit show, however, which member would you be? Take our fun quiz […]Read More

WATCH: Super Junior Promises Laughter In Teaser Video For “SJ Returns 4”

Super Junior is set to return with “SJ Returns 4”! The well-loved series “SJ Returns” is back once more as “SJ Returns 4.” As Super Junior will be celebrating their 15th anniversary this year, the series will focus on activities as requested by fans, thus providing unique, fun content for viewers. Super Junior released the […]Read More