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WATCH: ATEEZ Are Charming Miscreants In “THANXX” Music Video

ATEEZ introduces a new music video! On August 24th at 12 a.m. KST, they released the music video for their second title track called, “THANXX.” With lyrics that sing about rejecting pressure from older generations and choosing to forge their own path instead, the song is channels a defiant youthful perspective. Its accompanying music video […]Read More

WATCH: ATEEZ Return With Definitive “Answer” Music Video

On January 6th at 6 p.m. KST, KQ Entertainment‘s ATEEZ returned with a dynamic new music video for their title song, “Answer”! Boasting of EDM and hip-hop combinations, the song brings a message of rejecting past failures, moving forward with confidence, and a desire for victory. Its music video showcases opulent gold features and the […]Read More

WATCH: ATEEZ Invites You To Experience “Wonderland” In Comeback MV

ATEEZ impresses once again! On October 8th KST, the group released their first ever studio album along with a music video for their lead single, “Wonderland.” Boasting a powerful drum and brass sound, “Wonderland” gives off an exhilarating revolutionary feel. Members Hongjoong and Mingi are both credited as co-writers and were also heavily involved with […]Read More

WATCH: Block B’s Sub-Unit BASTARZ Says “Help Me” In Comeback MV

BASTARZ has made their comeback! On March 28th, the Block B sub-unit released the music video for “Help Me.” The unit is made up of members P.O, U-KWON, and B-Bomb. The new song marks their first comeback since October 2016 with Welcome 2 Bastarz. “Help Me” is the title track off the unit’s third mini-album, entitled I’m A Mess. The album features […]Read More

WATCH: ATEEZ Gets Fierce In “HALA HALA” Performance MV

ATEEZ has released another music video! On February 7th, the rookie group revealed the official music video for “HALA HALA (Hearts Awakened, Live Alive).”  The video is done in the format of a performance video, showing off the group’s amazing dance skills and synchronized moves. The video is shot in an empty warehouse, adding to […]Read More

ATEEZ Announces Five Stops For 2019 U.S. Tour

Get ready, K-pop fans! Rookie group ATEEZ has announced their first U.S. tour! On January 24th, the popular young group announced they would soon be heading to the U.S. on THE EXPEDITION TOUR in connection with the production company MyMusicTaste. They will be stopping in a total of five cities: Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, and New York. […]Read More

WATCH: ATEEZ Wants To Share Their “Treasure” In Epic Debut Music Video

ATEEZ has made their official, long-awaited debut! On October 24th, KQ Entertainment released the music video for ATEEZ’s debut song “Treasure,” as well as a performance music video for their hype track “Pirate King.” “Treasure” is an emotional bassboost trance and EDM track with multiple melody changes that keep the song incredibly unique and interesting. […]Read More