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5 K-pop Idols Who Were Prominent Child Actors

K-pop idols are known for their intensive training in various aspects for their debut as part of the entertainment industry. This training heavily emphasize training in singing, dancing, and rapping while other skills such as modeling, variety, and acting are also included at some point in their training. Due to this, some idols slowly dive […]Read More

THROWBACK REVIEW: Is “Cold Eyes” One Of Korea’s Great Action Films?

“Cold Eyes” is a 2013 action movie centered around a special unit of the Korean Police Special Crimes Department. This group of highly trained officers seek to capture the most wanted, high profile criminals. Each officer brings their own talent to the unit as they work together as a well-oiled machine. The art of true […]Read More

7 Korean Thriller Films You Need To Watch

Are you looking for a quick fix of slick action and hair-raising thrillers at the end of a long day? Fret not! We have a perfectly-curated list for you. If you loved “Parasite,” you should definitely check out these films for they’re all just as unique and chilling. Follow along as we count down some […]Read More

Girl’s Day’s Sojin Cast In Upcoming Zombie Film

Sojin of Girl’s Day will soon be appearing in a new movie! On April 24th, the casting news was revealed by her label, Noon Company. They announced that she had been cast in the upcoming indie film “Zombie Crush: Heyri” and would be playing the role of Kim Ga Yeon. The movie will follow the […]Read More

Lee Hyun Woo Confirmed For New Film With IU And Park Seo Joon

Another great addition has been made to the cast of the upcoming film “Dream.” On April 23rd, it was revealed that Lee Hyun Woo (“Moorim School,” “The Con Artists”) would be joining IU and Park Seo Joon in the new film from the Lee Byung Hun, the director of “Extreme Job.” The film will follow […]Read More

7 Korean Movies To Spice Up Your Next Scarefest

Korean dramas have become famous around the world, but Korean movies are just as worthy to be admired! With quarantines imposed everywhere, people are getting creative with how they spend their quality time. If you are one of those who loves to propose awesome movie marathons, we suggest trying out these Korean movies that just […]Read More