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LISTEN: NOIR Leader Seunghoon Tries A “New Thang” In Self-Produced Mixtape

The leader of LUK Factory’s rising boy group, NOIR, has just opened up his own personal Soundcloud account!  Shin Seunghoon, who also goes by the rap name XXIN, released his latest mixtape entitled “New Thang” on August 24th KST. The thumping hip-hop/trap-genre track is explosive and magnetising. It puts the rapper’s signature low vocal tone […]Read More

WATCH: Zelo Confesses His Love In Adorable Animated “Mi Amor” MV

On August 20th at 12 p.m. KST, former B.A.P member turned successful solo artist Zelo released his first digital single! “Mi Amor” is a song with an addictive melody on top of afro beats, a musical element which is somewhat uncommon in Korea. It was written and composed by Zelo, with additional composition and arrangements […]Read More

15 Korean Songs You Probably Missed In February

Every month, so many talented artists release music that it’s hard to keep up with it all! Most K-pop fans hear the mainstream releases and watch those videos, but there are many songs that go practically unwatched or just very underrated. Each of these videos below have been viewed less than 1 million times, with […]Read More

Illionaire Records Reveals Dok2 Has Left The Company

Surprising news for fans of Korean hip-hop. Artist Dok2 has left Illionaire Records. On February 7th KST, Illionaire Records revealed the announcement through their official Instagram account. “As of February 6th, 2020, Illionaire Records and Dok2 have decided to take different paths,” they stated. “Thank you very much for all of the love you have […]Read More

BewhY To Begin North American Tour This Week

Get Ready BewhY Fans! The talented rapper from South Korea is set to begin his 2020 North American Tour this week! Only four days are left until BewhY’s North American Tour, “The Movie Star,” begins! BewhY’s schedule kicks off with a performance at Center Stage in Atlanta on January 24th, where fans are eagerly awaiting […]Read More

WATCH: Jessi Is Daring in ”Drip” MV Featuring Jay Park

On November 1st KST, Jessi released her new track ”Drip” featuring Jay Park! ”Drip” is a hiphop collaboration track composed by Jessi, johnjohn and CuzD and penned by Jay Park, johnjohn and Jessi. It has a new swag vibe featuring the two rappers unique styles adding a dynamic beat. In the music video, it features Jessi’s […]Read More