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TWICE Members And Their Favorite Perfumes

K-pop idols always look amazing! They have perfect hair, makeup, and outfits when they’re in front of the camera. However, no matter how great you look, we all know that smelling nice is equally important when it comes to making a lasting impression. Have you ever wondered what fragrances TWICE members like? You’re in luck! […]Read More

K-pop Idols Kang Daniel And TWICE’s Jihyo Confirmed To Be Dating

Another fabulous celebrity couple is born! On August 5th, Korean news outlet Dispatch released reports that Kang Daniel, former Wanna One member and current solo artist, was dating TWICE‘s Park Jihyo (who promotes under the single name Jihyo). Both of the idols’ respective agencies said they would be in touch with their artists to confirm the news, […]Read More

TWICE Releases Second Set Of Individual Teaser Images

TWICE has released another batch of teaser images! On May 4th KST, JYP Entertainment released individual teaser images for Jihyo, Jungyeon, and Chaeyoung. The members all look adorable as they pose with their signature move for the upcoming album and MV, “Signal.” Teasers were previously released for Dahyun, Sana, and Nayeon, as well as a […]Read More

TWICE Cheers As They Give Fanchant Guide For “TT”

TWICE gave ONCE a guide to the “TT” fanchant, with their latest video featuring members Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, and Chaeyoung! The “TT” fanchant was released on TWICE’s official YouTube channel and is a little something special TWICE has done since some fans have found the fan chant hard to follow. The girls’ cheering guide was adorable as expected, with Chaeyong […]Read More