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P Nation’s DAWN To Release New Album With “DAWNDIDIDAWN” Next Month

DAWN will release his new album with the title track, “던디리던 (DAWNDIDIDAWN)”on October 9th, 2020 at 6 p.m. KST. There was a bit of mystery in the previous promotions of who would be the featured artist, but on September 25th, P Nation revealed that labelmate Jessi would be the artist collaborating on DAWN’s title track. […]Read More

K-pop Idols Who Bravely Call Out Their Haters

It is currently the year 2020, 23 years after the first recognizable social media platform was released. Since then, social media platforms have evolved in quantity and quality, now dominating a large amount of the time of internet users. Social media works simply by sharing content and promoting interactions between the creator and the viewer. […]Read More

WATCH: Jessi Drinks It All Away In Emotional “Numb” MV

On August 14th KST, Jessi showcased her vocals and visuals in her music video for “Numb”! Veering away from the rapper’s signature cheeky confidence, the song goes down a more vulnerable route with lyrics singing about a troubled relationship where the singer resorts to drinking away her pain as a means of escape. The song […]Read More

WATCH: Jessi Is Daring in ”Drip” MV Featuring Jay Park

On November 1st KST, Jessi released her new track ”Drip” featuring Jay Park! ”Drip” is a hiphop collaboration track composed by Jessi, johnjohn and CuzD and penned by Jay Park, johnjohn and Jessi. It has a new swag vibe featuring the two rappers unique styles adding a dynamic beat. In the music video, it features Jessi’s […]Read More

WATCH: Jessi Stands Defiant In “Who Dat B” Comeback Under P NATION

Jessi unleashes some badass beats! On September 23rd at 6 p.m. KST, rapper released her first single after signing to P NATION, “Who Dat B.” The track calls out malicious talk, expresses her refusal to conform, and describes the success she is enjoying because of who she is. “Who Dat B” was written by Brian […]Read More

WATCH: Jessi Gets “Down” In Newest Island Mood MV

Jessi is back with her newest MV “Down”! The new song is ideal track for the hot summer with its island vibes that will get you on your feet! Adding in the Korean artist and producer Gray, who produced the track, and Jessi’s energizing voice, this song is bound to be on repeat! Watch Jessi’s new music […]Read More

Jessi Kills It With New “Gucci” Comeback And Mini-Album

Jessi is back with “Gucci” in her latest comeback. The YMC Entertainment solo artist gave fans a new song to jam out to with the release of “Gucci” and its strong, addictive beats and catchy tune. The beautiful artist showed her various talents once again with the ability to change from rapping to singing and […]Read More

Solo Artist Jessi Gears Up For July Comeback

Get ready for Jessi‘s solo comeback this July! As reported on June 22nd, OSEN has revealed that Jessi is preparing for her comeback in July with a new album. Recording has been completed and Jessi is practicing every day for next month as seen on her Instagram stories. The singer-rapper has been actively participating in the making of […]Read More