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Jay Park Joins Hip-Hop Survival Show ”The Rap of China”

On August 9th KST, ”The Rap of China” production has officially announced on social media that Jay Park, multi awarded artist and CEO of AOMG and H1GHR Music, will join the show as a producer! Other stars that will join the cast as producers this season includes former EXO member Kris Wu, Chinese singer-songwriter Jane […]Read More

Red, White & Blue: 17 K-pop Idols Who Were Born In The USA

July 4th marks Independence Day in the USA! To celebrate, we’re focusing on K-pop idols who were born and raised in the land of red, white, and blue, then later made it big in the Korean music industry. While most of the idols on this list come from Korean heritage, the ethnicity of others include […]Read More

WATCH: Jessi Is Daring in ”Drip” MV Featuring Jay Park

On November 1st KST, Jessi released her new track ”Drip” featuring Jay Park! ”Drip” is a hiphop collaboration track composed by Jessi, johnjohn and CuzD and penned by Jay Park, johnjohn and Jessi. It has a new swag vibe featuring the two rappers unique styles adding a dynamic beat. In the music video, it features Jessi’s […]Read More

WATCH: Jay Park And Yultron Set The Mood In “On Fire” Collaboration MV

On August 30th KST, Jay Park unveiled a music video for his collaboration with American-based DJ and producer, Yultron! Entitled “On Fire,” the track sings about making significant sacrifices for someone you have an attraction to. It delves into the frustration of not being able to suppress romantic emotions for a person who does not […]Read More

EDC Japan 2019 To Feature Jay Park X Yultron

Anticipate for Insomniac‘s EDC Japan this year! EDC Japan 2019, or Electric Daisy Carnival Japan 2019, is coming this May 11th & 12th, revealing their lineup of talented DJs of various genres, including future bass, trap, EDM, and more. Jay Park was listed along with DJ Yultron, sparking interest in what songs could be played at […]Read More

WATCH: Coogie Collaborates With Jay Park In Smooth New “Justin Bieber” MV

On December 7th at 6 p.m. KST, Coogie dropped an exciting collaboration with Jay Park entitled, “Justin Bieber”! On SMTOWN‘s official YouTube channel, Coogie is at a party with another female, mulling over a loss of a lover. The new song is co-written by Coogie and Jay Park and co-composed by Vangdale, Coogie, Jay Park, and Kwon […]Read More