WATCH: IMFACT Return With Addictive “Lie” Comeback MV

After a year and 3 months, boy group IMFACT are back with pre-release digital single “Lie”! The track is off their upcoming mini album that will be released on April 28th KST. It was written and composed by youngest member Ungjae, who infused tropical house and deep house genres with colorful and emotional sounds that […]Read More

10 Underrated Songs From Chill K-pop Artists

Many people love K-pop for the bright colors, crazy aesthetics, hype songs, difficult dances, hard-hitting raps, gorgeous vocals, and stunning visuals! However, there are just as many amazing songs that come from sub-genres within K-pop, such as R&B, ballads, acoustic tracks, and more. Ballads do very well with Korean fans, but statistically speaking, international fans […]Read More

IMFACT’s 1st Meet & Live U.S. Tour Approaches

IMFACT‘s upcoming U.S. tour is upon us! Coming up this August, IMFACT’s 1st Meet & Live with Studio PAV will be making stops in four states! IMFACT are excited to come see their fans and are making stops in Dallas, Chicago, New York, and Atlanta. This opportunity can’t be missed, so what are you waiting for? VIP […]Read More

WATCH: IMFACT Sees “Only U” In Latest Music Video

On January 24th, IMFACT released a new music video for their digital single called “Only U”! The song is about finding someone and having your eyes only on that person who you consider as the perfect love for you. The single is classified as a mix of European Deep House and Pop. The music video […]Read More