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12 Of The Most Iconic Outfits Ever Worn In K-pop

A vital component of being a K-pop artist is being able to deliver various concepts with ease. This involves the whole process of hair, makeup, and (of course!) costumes. Just as the music itself is important, an idol’s appearance is just as crucial for them to be able to convey the message they aim to […]Read More

10 K-pop Girl Groups That Deserved Better

In the past decade alone, there have been more than a couple of groups that have faded away due to lack of attention, promotion, less-than-supportive promotions by their company, or just unfortunate circumstances. There are others who are still together as groups, but they continue to struggle or are on hiatus, leaving fans wondering about […]Read More

K-pop Idols Who Bravely Call Out Their Haters

It is currently the year 2020, 23 years after the first recognizable social media platform was released. Since then, social media platforms have evolved in quantity and quality, now dominating a large amount of the time of internet users. Social media works simply by sharing content and promoting interactions between the creator and the viewer. […]Read More

Red, White & Blue: 17 K-pop Idols Who Were Born In The USA

July 4th marks Independence Day in the USA! To celebrate, we’re focusing on K-pop idols who were born and raised in the land of red, white, and blue, then later made it big in the Korean music industry. While most of the idols on this list come from Korean heritage, the ethnicity of others include […]Read More

From Someone Who Knew Her: Sulli, You Mattered

*This article is a special contribution from John Lee– pastor, singer, and founder of 3rd Wave Music. He met Sulli in 2012 when they toured together with Super Junior and has written this article from his personal perspective about Sulli. Thinking about Sulli, I remember that moment… In 2012, it was the brightest stage I’ve […]Read More

WATCH: FYKE Drops “Get Myself” MV With f(x)’s Amber Liu

FYKE has released a new music video featuring Amber Liu! On March 8th, the talented, five-member band from Los Angeles dropped the music video for “Get Myself.” Both the track and music video feature Amber of f(x) as she and lead singer Enik Lin sing about facing the doubt and hurt that come when people’s expectations […]Read More

INTERVIEW: An In-Depth Chat With The Charming Amber Liu

Last night, What The Kpop was able to chat with popular K-pop idol Amber Liu of f(x). In the roundtable style interview with two other news outlets besides What The Kpop, the friendly idol took her time to answer questions in a detailed manner, paying attention to the questions and making an effort to put […]Read More