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WATCH: EXID Releases Japanese Album And Music Video For “B.L.E.S.S.E.D”

EXID has revealed their second Japanese album! On August 19th KST, the group dropped their new EP with the title track of the same name, “B.L.E.S.S.E.D.” Its music video was released way ahead in July, featuring the girls serenely reflecting on their own before excitedly seeking out the company of their friends. B.L.E.S.S.E.D contains ten […]Read More

WATCH: EXID’s Solji Learns To Let Go In “Rains Again” Music Video

On June 9th at 6 p.m. KST, EXID‘s Solji returned to share a heart-wrenching summer song! Her solo ballad track, written and composed by LOOGONE, is called “Rains Again” and explores the feelings of someone after ending a relationship, when the pain has dulled enough and the heart is ready to let go. Its music […]Read More

Hani Stuns In Gorgeous Photoshoot For #Legend Magazine

Hani shows off her modeling skills once more in a new photoshoot for #legend magazine! The beautiful EXID star talks about her recent work as an actress in the drama “XX.” She said that she was surprised to find how much fun she is having in her first acting role and now realizes that she […]Read More

10 K-pop Dance Moments That Left Us Shook

Welcome, fellow K-pop addicts! If you’re reading this article, you are likely a lover of K-pop, of dance, or of both.  It’s fair to say that there are certain songs and videos that stick out in a fan’s mind when it comes to K-pop— especially if you’ve been a fan of the genre for a […]Read More

WATCH: EXID Gifts Fans With Thankful “WE ARE…” MV

EXID delivers a sweet gift for their fans! On May 29th KST, the charismatic girl group dropped a music video for their song, “ WE ARE…” The single expresses the girls’ gratitude to their fandom, LEGGO, who have continuously loved and supported them throughout their journey as idols. As this is the last comeback for […]Read More

EXID To Make Comeback As Full Group Before Hani And Jeonghwa Leave Company

Bittersweet news for K-pop fans! EXID‘s Hani and Jeonghwa are leaving the company after their contracts expire. However, the group will make one final comeback as a full group before beginning a hiatus as they go their own ways for now. Banana Culture Entertainment shared that LE, Solji, and Hyelin have renewed their contracts with […]Read More

WATCH: EXID Makes Five-Member Comeback In New “I Love You” MV

EXID has finally come back as a full group for the first time in two years! With the return of leader Solji, EXID released the music video for their new track “I Love You” on November 21st! The new single was written by EXID’s main rapper LE and producer Shinsadong Tiger. It showcases Solji and Hyelin‘s power […]Read More

WTK QUIZ: How Well Do You Know K-Pop Girl Groups?

There are so many amazing K-pop girl groups! More recently, we’ve experienced some amazing debuts and fantastic bops, but there are also some long-running legends in the mix who keep churning out amazing music. Take our quiz to see just how much of an expert you are when it comes to girl groups. Think you’re […]Read More

WATCH: EXID Drops Funky “LADY” MV For Comeback

EXID is back! On April 2nd, the talented girl group from Banana Culture Entertainment released a video for “LADY.” The funky MV has a fun, retro-inspired vibe with fuzzy cameras and vintage sets and clothes. The song itself also has a vintage feeling, taking elements from both early Korean pop and retro American hip-hop. Check […]Read More

WATCH: EXID Drops Retro Teaser For “LADY” MV

EXID‘s comeback is almost here! On March 28th KST, the group dropped a teaser video for their upcoming MV, “LADY.” The short video gives fans a preview of the retro-style MV and the members’ old school, hip-hop vibe. While the teaser video doesn’t give a full preview of the song and lyrics, fans are already […]Read More