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WATCH: WANNA ONE Wins First Ever Music Show Award

WANNA ONE continues doing excellently after their debut! As such, they have something else to add to their list of accomplishments— they are official winners of a music show award! On the August 17th episode of “Show Champion,” the group performed “Energetic and “Burn It Up.” After tallying up votes and statistics, it was reveled […]Read More

WATCH: WANNA ONE Makes Official Debut With “Energetic” MV

WANNA ONE has finally made their official debut! On August 7th, the top 11 trainees from “Produce 101: Season 2” made their debut as WANNA ONE and released the music video for “Energetic,” The track starts off slowly, but it quickly grows more energetic as the members show off their vocals and dance skills. “Energetic” […]Read More

WATCH: WANNA ONE Drops New Show Announcement And MV Teaser

WANNA ONE is ready to make their debut! On August 3rd KST, WANNA ONE released their MV teaser for their debut, as well as a preview for their own TV series entitled, “Wanna One Go.” Their official title track is called”Energetic,” already inducing thoughts of smiles and energy for their upcoming MV. The anticipated guy […]Read More