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WATCH: DONGKIZ Return With A Darker Image In Charismatic “Beautiful” MV

DONGKIZ has undergone quite the transformation with their darkest concept yet! The powerful and sharp “Beautiful” is off their third single album, Ego, which dropped August 19th at 12p.m KST. A far cry from the group’s cute and colorful image, something they have been known for since their debut, the track and its accompanying music […]Read More

WATCH: CROSS GENE’s Seyoung Defines Himself In Moody “Ego” MV

Following the release of his second single “Space Out” on July 13th KST, singer-songwriter Seyoung of CROSS GENE is back with the liberating track, “Ego.” “Ego” is about confidently establishing your own attitude, perspective, and value to view the world and yourself. The freedom of finding and embracing yourself is reflected in the song’s sound […]Read More

WATCH: B.A.P Drops Intense And Captivating “Hands Up” MV

B.A.P is back with a new music video! B.A.P of TS Entertainment has finally returned with the release of “Hands Up.” Their fierce style is evident throughout the MV to the excitement of fans. “Hands Up” is the group’s title track for their newest single album, EGO. The group also made a comeback earlier this year in […]Read More

WATCH: B.A.P Gets Their “Hands Up” In New MV Teaser

B.A.P has dropped the teaser video for their new MV! On December 11th, the super talented group from TS Entertainment revealed the teaser for “Hands Up.” The short video gives fans a preview of both the upcoming track and MV. Despite it being such a short teaser, fans are already getting excited over the powerful […]Read More

B.A.P Drops New Teasers For Youngjae And Zelo

UPDATED: B.A.P has released two more teaser images for Youngjae and Zelo. Check it out! UPDATED: More teasers have been revealed for B.A.P‘s comeback! This time, Himchan and Daehyun are the latest to shine. Check it out! UPDATED: B.A.P has released two new teaser images! Bang Yongguk and Jongup look amazing in the second version of their EGO teasers. Check it out!     UPDATED: B.A.P has dropped new teasers for their comeback […]Read More