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WATCH: BLACKSWAN Says “Goodbye RANIA” In Music Video For “Tonight”

BLACKSWAN has made their official entrance into the K-pop scene! On October 16th, the new K-pop group made their debut with “Tonight” off their debut album, Goodbye RANIA. The group is a rebranded version of the now disbanded group RaNia, with three of the members— Leia, Youngheun, and Hyeme— being former members of the group. […]Read More

PocketDol Studio Reveals Name Of Much Awaited Nine-Member Boy Group

PocketDol Studio has officially revealed their upcoming group’s official name and dropped teaser images for the members! The group is highly anticipated by fans worldwide who have been following the gradual reveal of details regarding their debut. The official name of PocketDol Studio’s nine-member group has been confirmed to be BAE173. The group’s logo features […]Read More

WATCH: New Co-Ed Group CHECKMATE Makes Hard-Hitting Debut In “Drum” MV

A new co-ed K-pop group has just debuted! CHECKMATE is a five-member mixed group consisting of two girls (Sieun & Suri) and three boys (Nason, Yongseok & Noah) under Grace Company Entertainment. They released their first single album “Drum” on September 21st at 6 p.m. KST. The song has an exciting Mumbai-based EDM sound, making […]Read More

WATCH: Former Stellar Member Jeonyoul Makes Solo Debut In “Mamacita” MV

On September 12th at 12 p.m. KST, Jeonyoul from girl group Stellar released her debut solo album three years after the group’s disbandment. The album’s title track “Mamacita” is a Latin-based, dance-pop song that boasts a femme fatale charm, heralding a transformation by Jeonyoul into a charming and enchanting figure. Opening with hypnotizing pizzicato strings […]Read More

WATCH: Girl Group Maka Maka Shows The “Burning Power” Of Friendship In Enchanting Debut MV

Confident rookie girl group Maka Maka— which means “friendly friend” in Hawaiian— made their debut on August 4th with the fresh “Burning Power.” Company BLUEMOON Entertainment has been preparing for the group’s debut since 2018. With stunning visuals and attractive charms, each of the five members represent a different type of friend: “Easy friend” Heesu— […]Read More