WATCH: BVNDIT Gets Fierce In Catchy “Jungle” MV

BVNDIT is back with another catchy song and video! On May 12th, the MNH Entertainment girl group released the music video for “Jungle.” The upbeat song has a catchy hook and hard-hitting beat which leaves listeners unable to stop dancing. Combining the track with the MV’s gorgeous visuals and the group’s great choreography, the video […]Read More

WATCH: BVNDIT Plays It “Cool” In Fun MV For English-Language Single

BVNDIT is back with another catchy song and fun MV! On February 6th, the girl group dropped the music video for “Cool.” The video features the members, as well as other people, walking down the street in a quirky, pieced-together format as they go about their day. The girl-power song was released in English and […]Read More

WATCH: BVNDIT Says Love Makes You “DUMB” In Addictive Comeback MV

BVNDIT has made their comeback! On November 5th at 6 p.m. KST, the rookie girl group BVNDIT made their comeback with the video for “DUMB.” The song has a unique sound as an Latin electro-pop track mixed with Indian-inspired beats. The song talks about a love that is coming to an end, yet you don’t […]Read More

WATCH: BVNDIT Wants To Charm You In Debut MV For “Hocus Pocus”

BVNDIT has made their official debut! On April 10th, the new girl group dropped the music video for “Hocus Pocus.” The catchy song starts off with a tropical-sounding flute before picking up the rhythym into the hook. The overall feeling is fun and sexy, making it perfect for summer. Meanwhile, the lyrics tell of making […]Read More