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WTK QUIZ: Which BT21 Character Are You?

What K-pop fan doesn’t already know about these adorable characters from BT21? If you are one of the few people left in K-pop who hasn’t heard of them yet, the characters are part of a collaboration between LINE Friends x BTS. The BT21 characters were born back in late September 2017 when BTS was invited […]Read More

BTS Wins “Top Social Artist” Award At 2018 BBMAs

BTS has won another Billboard Music Award (BBMA)! On May 20th, 2018, the world-famous Kpop band took home the “Top Social Artist” award at the 2018 BBMAs! The group was nominated for the award once more after winning it for the first time in 2017. After the nomination, fans (known as ARMY) took to social […]Read More

Fall Out Boy X RM: Just A Fad Or The Sign Of Something Big?

Check out the newest article in our [OPINION] category! See why author Kyeong Jun has reservations about Kpop idols collaborating with Western audiences. Leading up to the release of their newest album Mania, American band Fall Out Boy began releasing singles to build up hype concerning the new album. To be honest, I thought all of the singles […]Read More

ARMY Gets Frantic For BTS In Hilarious #WhereIsBangtan Twitter Trend

With BTS arriving soon for the 2017 AMAs in the U.S., both media and fans from around the world are waiting patiently for the first sighting of the group. Earlier in the day, Korean media shared the group’s travel plans, leading many fans to head out to the L.A. airport to welcome them for their […]Read More

WTK RADIO: Join Us For A BTS Radio Party And Group Chat!

This month, What The Kpop is hosting a BTS Radio Party and Group Chat on their new radio station, WTK Radio! The radio broadcast will begin on September 29th at 10 p.m. EST! We’ll be playing the best BTS songs from their debut until now, holding games, sharing fan accounts and BTS encounters, playing trivia, giving away […]Read More

LISTEN: BTS Releases Cover Of Seo Taiji’s Hit “Come Back Home”

BTS has released their cover of Seo Taiji‘s hit “Come Back Home.” On July 4th, the song was digitally released, already proving popular with fans. The song was originally released in 1995 and was controversial at the time due to its topic of a teenager running away from home. Seo Taiji said that BTS totally […]Read More

Editor’s Choice: The Top 5 BTS Videos From The Past 4 Years

It’s lee1086 here— WTK‘s co-founder and current director and editor-in-chief. As an opinionated adult and a diehard Kpop fan, I obviously have a lot of very strong beliefs and opinions when it comes to my favorite songs, artists, groups, videos, and more. As such, I’ve decided to start a new corner where I’ll be listing […]Read More

WTK QUIZ: Which BTS Member Is Your Soulmate?

June 13th is the debut anniversary of the super popular Kpop group BTS! As such, we want to celebrate in the most obvious way— finding our BTS soulmate of course! Take the fun quiz below to see which BTS member you are destined to be with. Remember to answer honestly for proper results! Make sure to […]Read More

WATCH: BTS Drops Amazing Dance Practice Video For “Not Today”

As part of their continued celebrations for their anniversary, BTS has now dropped the dance practice video for “Not Today.” On June 7th KST, the popular boy band from Big Hit Entertainment revealed the video that showed off their amazing dance skills and large-scale choreography. It seems like every video, BTS keeps getting more and […]Read More