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BLACKPINK Sets YouTube Record For Kpop On First Anniversary

Just in time for their first anniversary since their debut in 2016, BLACKPINK has set a new Kpop record! On August 8th, the group’s newest MV, entitled “As If It’s Your Last,” became the fastest Kpop MV to break 100 million views! The record was previously held by TWICE for their MV “TT” and took […]Read More

WATCH: BLACKPINK Drops Dance Practice Video For “As If It’s Your Last”

BLACKPINK has released the dance practice video for “As If It’s Your Last.” The famous rookie girl group from YG Entertainment dropped the video soon after the original MV hit 20 million views on YouTube. In the dance practice, we see the girls in their familiar dance room, dressed in casual black outfits and dancing their […]Read More

BLACKPINK Becomes Fastest Kpop Group To Surpass 10 Million Views

BLACKPINK is breaking records with their newest music video, “As If It’s Your Last.” Released on YouTube at 6 p.m. KST on June 22nd, “As If It’s Your Last”  has reached 10 million views in less than 17 hours. With this accomplishment, BLACKPINK has established a new YouTube standard for the fastest Kpop music video to reach 10 […]Read More

WATCH: BLACKPINK Makes Comeback With “As If It’s Your Last”

BLACKPINK is finally back! On June 22nd, the popular rookie girl group from YG Entertainment released their long-awaited comeback MV! “As If It’s Your Last” has some of the typical YG elements and could very easily be a BIGBANG or 2NE1 in some parts of the verses, but the chorus is totally bright and summery […]Read More

BLACKPINK Drops Behind-The-Scenes Preview For “As If It’s Your Last”

With BLACKPINK‘s “As If It’s Your Last” comeback nearing, more music video footage has been released from a behind-the-scenes video. Much of the choreography can be seen in the preview, making fans anticipate the new summer song. The outfits worn in the video show the song’s summer feel as well. The girls’ sharp attire can definitely be […]Read More

BLACKPINK Goes All Out In Teaser For “As If It’s Your Last” MV

BLACKPINK is out to impress with their latest teaser for “As If It’s Your Last.” After their successful comeback with “Playing With Fire” and “Stay,” BLACKPINK is giving fans a treat with “As If It’s Your Last.” In the MV teaser, BLACKPINK is seen with an eccentric and stylish wardrobe. Fans couldn’t help but notice Lisa’s red-hot […]Read More

BLACKPINK Reveals New Teaser Photo For Upcoming “As If It’s Your Last”

With the release of their group teaser for “As If It’s Your Last,” BLACKPINK‘s comeback is inching forward more than ever. YG Entertainment officials have revealed the girl group’s comeback is set for June 22nd and hope the new digital single will be a good surprise for fans who enjoyed their last digital single, SQUARE […]Read More