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Stream It Or Skip It: Wonho’s “Love Synonym #1: Right For Me”

Recently, Wonho made his long-awaited solo debut by releasing Love Synonym #1: Right For Me. Is it worth listening to? Should you stream it or skip it? Read our review below to find out! WONHO’S HISTORY Before Wonho started his solo career or even debuted in MONSTA X, he performed as a quartet under Starship […]Read More

POLL: Which Album Should WTK Review Next?

Parodoxical Suds here— WTK’s resident reviewer of Kpop albums! In the past, we’ve talked about albums from groups like F.T. Island, but this time we need your opinion about which album WTK should review next. Should we review new albums from some of the more popular bands like GOT7 and SHINee? Should WTK shine a little spotlight on rookie groups […]Read More