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2PM Releases Schedule For “2PM Hottest Week”

Legendary K-Pop group 2PM is celebrating their 12th anniversary and they have a slurry of fan events prepared for this special occasion! On August 27th KST, 2PM released the official table of scheduled events starting from the 29th of August all the way up to 5th of September. Every day of the week is packed […]Read More

Red, White & Blue: 17 K-pop Idols Who Were Born In The USA

July 4th marks Independence Day in the USA! To celebrate, we’re focusing on K-pop idols who were born and raised in the land of red, white, and blue, then later made it big in the Korean music industry. While most of the idols on this list come from Korean heritage, the ethnicity of others include […]Read More

WATCH: 2PM’s Jun. K Drops “THIS IS NOT A SONG, 1929” MV

At midnight of June 10th KST, 2PM member Jun. K revealed his new single and a music video, “THIS IS NOT A SONG, 1929.” Originally released as part of the singer’s recent Japanese album, the song was again released in Korean as a digital single. The singer himself took part in writing, composing, and arranging […]Read More

WATCH: 2PM’s Nichkhun Releases First Solo Album and “Lucky Charm” MV

2PM‘s Nichkhun has finally made his Korean debut! On February 18th at 6 p.m., Nichkhun released his Korean debut album, entitled Me, and dropped the music video for the track “Lucky Charm.” The song is warm and relaxing. Nichkhun describes it as something suited to be listened to upon waking up and before drifting off to […]Read More

WATCH: 2PM’s Nichkhun Enjoys The Beach In New “Umbrella” MV

Nichkhun from 2PM has released a new music video for his upcoming Japanese album! Entitled “Umbrella,” the music video shows him strolling around on the beach, looking quite cozy in his hoodie and with an umbrella as he walks around to find new places to explore. The song is the title track off his upcoming […]Read More

WATCH: 2PM’s Nichkhun Sings Off A “Lucky Charm” In Soothing Japanese MV

2PM‘s Nichkhun has made his official Japanese solo debut! On November 8th, the talented JYP Entertainment artist dropped the music video for “Lucky Charm.” The soothing, romantic video is full of soft colors and hazy scenes as Nichkhun plays the acoustic guitar while showing off his sweet voice. “Lucky Charm” is the title track off […]Read More

WATCH: 2PM’s Junho Lets His “Imagination” Run Wild In New Japanese MV

2PM‘s Junho has released a new music video! On June 25th, the talented singer released  “想像(상상).” The title of the track translates to “Imagination” and marks Junho’s newest Japanese song and MV. The stunning track has a strong, sexy beat that complement Junho’s vocals and clear falsetto. The new song is the title track off […]Read More

8 Kpop Songs Stuck In Our Heads Since 2008

Every year, we’re showered with a couple of great releases, but only few are indeed timeless. The year 2008 boasted groups that saw the peak of their careers, as well as debuts that would produce some of the most loved groups today. It was also a huge turning point for Korean music as the mid-to-late […]Read More