[OPINION] Turning A Blind Eye: Abuse Within The K-pop Industry

Welcome to the newest opinion article here on What The Kpop. This week’s topic is on abuse within the K-pop industry and was written by author Kyeong Jun. If you have thoughts on this topic, make sure to tweet to us @whatthekpop1 There’s something important I want to talk about, and it’s something I’ve been […]Read More

Queen Of K-pop: Six Of The Most Iconic Tracks From BoA

There perhaps hasn’t been any K-pop singer who has been as extensive and successful as BoA, the Queen of Kpop, and it’s a title she’s earned. BoA has crossed into different genres and countries and come out successful. She can sing, she can dance, and she can compose. BoA is a one-woman orchestra. She debuted both […]Read More

8 K-pop Songs That Sound Better In Other Languages

As K-pop expands its global reach and the barriers between countries fade away, it’s becoming imperative for idols to successfully learn other languages in order to connect with fans worldwide. In fact, this has already been going on for quite some time now. BoA was one of the first K-pop idols to reach out to Japan, thus […]Read More

My Trip To LA’s K-Town Night Market 2018

Last month, LA’s own Koreatown held its annual K-town Night Market, an open market/block party! At the event, you’ll find tons of street food and clothing (like KORE Limited), as well as music and entertainment acts. People come from all over Los Angeles to relax and have a good time. I’ll be talking about a […]Read More

Getting To Know K-Indie Artist CIFIKA: Queen Of Electronic Music

Hidden along the border between Little Tokyo and the Arts District in L.A., is a Mediterranean-inspired dive bar called the Moroccan Lounge. It’s an intimate bar, far from the busy downtown nightlife, existing in its own corner. Normally, I wouldn’t go to the Moroccan Lounge since it’s far away from other popular spots. However, one […]Read More


Girl group TWICE has dropped a new MV for their new Japanese single “BRAND NEW GIRL.” TWICE is finally back with their latest Japanese MV! Despite being a B-side track from TWICE’s second single Japanese album, Candy Pop, the MV has been catching attention left and right. The MV shows the girls living out their high […]Read More

SEVENTEEN To Make Official Japanese Debut

On February 22nd, SEVENTEEN held their “2018 Japan Arena Tour SVT” in Yokohama, Japan, where an estimated 15,000 fans showed up to watch the boy group. After wrapping up their final performance of the night, the group appeared in front of audience again and said, “Will you follow along with our dream? SEVENTEEN is debuting […]Read More

Fall Out Boy X RM: Just A Fad Or The Sign Of Something Big?

Check out the newest article in our [OPINION] category! See why author Kyeong Jun has reservations about Kpop idols collaborating with Western audiences. Leading up to the release of their newest album Mania, American band Fall Out Boy began releasing singles to build up hype concerning the new album. To be honest, I thought all of the singles […]Read More

WATCH: SMTOWN Releases Jonghyun’s Last Solo MV For “Shinin'”

The music video for “Shinin'” of the late Jonghyun of SHINee has been released today. As a disco-inspired track with underlying tropical house beat and rap breakdown, “Shinin'” is the lead single for Jonghyun’s posthumous album, Poet | Artist. Poet | Artist features 11 songs, including “Only One You Need,” “Take the Dive,” “Rewind,” and more. All proceeds made […]Read More

WTKpop Throwback: How H.O.T. Became The First Kpop Boy Band

*This article has been updated since its original publish date. For this issue of WTKpop Throwback, let’s go way back! In fact, let’s return to the group that’s largely considered to be the first true Kpop boy band and idols of their time: H.O.T! H.O.T (High Five Of Teenagers) was one of the first groups pioneered by […]Read More