5 Reasons You Should Be Watching “Busted!”

Netflix’s first-ever Korean variety show, entitled “Busted!,” has taken the variety world by storm! Although the new variety show is only a few episodes into their first season, they are enough to have any viewer hooked. Here are our five reasons why you should be watching “Busted!” right now! 1. The Amazing Cast With a super […]Read More

VIXX Releases Captivating Teaser Images For “EAU DE VIXX” Comeback

The concept kings are back this time with fierce and captivating comeback images! On April 3rd, VIXX, of Jellyfish Entertainment, released their first set of member images of their long awaited comeback, EAU DE VIXX. It has been close to a year since their last comeback album with Shangri-La in May of 2017. A group […]Read More

WATCH: CLC Drops Talks About A “Distance” In New MV

The girls of CLC have gifted their fans with a surprise MV release! On April 3rd at 9 p.m. KST, CLC of Cube Entertainment dropped a MV for their song “Distance.” The song was a B-track off their newest mini-album, Black Dress. In the MV, the girls of CLC sing about a painful distance that […]Read More

Local Atlanta Cafe Hosts Kpop Trivia Night For Fans

Atlanta had the opportunity to hold another Kpop event recently! This time around, fans got the chance to participate in some Kpop Trivia! On March 9th, a local Atlanta Cafe known as Sweet Hut hosted the event for Kpop fans. We had the opportunity of attending the event, and it was amazing to see all […]Read More

7 Lovely Songs To Get You Through This Valentine’s Day

It is that time of year! Hearts and love may fill the air around you! It is Valentine’s Day, and that means you need a great playlist to have around you on such a great day! Check out our list of great Valentine’s Day songs for you to jam out to on this LOVE-ly holiday 1) […]Read More

WATCH: f(x)’s Luna Releases Teaser For “Free Somebody” Duet Version

Luna from f(x) will be coming back soon on SM STATION 2! On February 9th KST, SMTOWN released a teaser video for Luna’s newest SM STATION 2 duet song, “Free Somebody.” For this release, Luna will be performing with Hye Da (also stylized as Heda), the latest winner of the audition project “Battle Singer”! “Free Somebody” was previously […]Read More

Mini K-POP In Atlanta Brings Amazing Performances To Local Event

Atlanta had the opportunity to witness another Kpop event recently! This time around, the fun event was held here by SJ Victory Media! The event, held in December, showcased the great talent that can be found here in Atlanta — ranging from musicians, singers, and even dance groups! The talent was endless at the magnificent […]Read More

LISTEN: Golden Child Reveals Highlight Medley For “Miracle”

UPDATED: Golden Child has revealed the highlight medley for their comeback album, Miracle! Listen below. UPDATED: Golden Child has finally released the teaser video for their upcoming MV, “It’s U.” The cute teaser shows the members in a high school setting as an apparent romance plays out between one of the members and a young, female student. […]Read More

LISTEN: Jungkook Of BTS Releases Beautiful Cover Of Lee Hi’s “Breathe”

On January 17th, BTS‘s Jungkook uploaded a clip of himself singing to Lee Hi‘s “Breathe” without any background instrumentals or music. His soft vocals made his a capella rendition of the song more than beautiful. It could make anyone’s heart melt! The song was originally released by Lee Hi in 2016 and was co-composed by the late […]Read More