Former VIXX Member Hongbin Enlists In The Military

Lee Hongbin, formerly from VIXX, has announced his military enlistment during a personal broadcast on August 18th, 2020.

Hongbin posted on his Twitch community board to announce the news and said his goodbye to fans. As posted on Naver, this is what the letter says:

I thought I had a lot to say, but now that I’m trying to write something, I’m wondering what the point of this is.

The process of enlisting and working towards the discharge date begins today, but I think this will be a time of resolving something that’s been weighing on my mind, so a part of me feels liberated.

Nonetheless, I still feel a lingering attachment to society because the times we had fun talking and playing during the broadcasts are still very vivid in my memory.

I’ll go and receive training safely, and after protecting the country well, I’ll return to broadcasts again in a safe country.

I may change outwardly or inwardly after I return from the military, but I’ll go and come back with a smile, always keeping in mind the feeling of wanting to return to have fun laughing and talking together again.

I’ll cheer all of you on, so that the time I’m gone protecting the country can become a time for all of you to get a little bit closer to doing the things you’ve planned and have been wanting to do.

Finally… everyone… I’m really…

So… So… This is crazy. Enlisting in the military!”

Lee Hongbin

Hongbin had recently announced that he would be withdrawing from VIXX after 7 years together but will continue personal broadcasts via Twitch. He is set to serve as an active-duty soldier after receiving basic training.

We wish Hongbin all the best and hope for his safe service!

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