WATCH: ONEUS Is Gripped With Emotion In Striking Music Video For “A Song Written Easily”


On March 24t at 6 p.m. KST, RBW‘s ONEUS revealed their first single album along with the music video for “A Song Written Easily”!

The title track has an upbeat sound but invokes a melancholic emotion while singing about standing at the precipice of an end and a beginning. The music video shows the boys as they symbolically learn to let go and start afresh.

“A Song Written Easily” headlines the group’s first single album called IN ITS TIME. The full album will be released a day after the group dropped their music video, on March 25th KST.

ONEUS debuted under RBW back in January 2019 with the album Light Us and title track “Valkyrie.” They previously returned with their third mini-album called Fly With Us and a music video for “LIT” in September 2019.

Watch the music videos here!

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