WATCH: Trailer Released For Upcoming Yoo Seung Ho Drama “Memorist”

A new K-drama is set to begin airing next month!

On February 15th, the first trailer was released for the upcoming drama “Memorist.” The series stars Yoo Seung Ho (“My Strange Hero,” “I’m Not A Robot”) as a young man with the gift of reading people’s memories.

The program revolves around the life of Dong Baek, a man who received a supernatural gift during high school which allows him to read people’s memories by a single touch. As an adult, he reveals his gift to others and begins using it to help solve crime. Soon, he becomes entangled in the investigation into a serial killer as he works alongside the genius profiler Han Sun Mi (Lee Se Young of “Doctor John” and “A Korean Odyssey”).

“Memorist” will begin airing in March on tvN. The series is based on the webtoon, written by Jae Hoo, of the same name.

Check out the trailer below!

Media: tvN