WATCH: “Sky Castle” Actress Kim Seo Hyung To Return To TV With New Police Drama “Nobody Knows”

Kim Seo Hyung is set to make her return to TV once more since her hit drama “Sky Castle” aired in 2018!

The gorgeous and talented actress is seen alongside actor Ryu Deok Hwan (“Quiz of God”) in the new stills for the upcoming K-drama “Nobody Knows.” The TV series is a police drama that focuses on the leader of an investigative unit at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency who tracks down a serial killer who murdered her childhood friend 19 years ago.

The drama also co-stars Park Hoon (“Memories of the Alhambra”), Min Jin Woong (“Chocolate”), Kang Ye Won (“Heart Surgeons”), and other respected actors in the field.

In the meantime, the production crew has been full of praise for Ms. Kim, a respected actress in Korea who also impressed audiences at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in the movie “The Villainess.” In fact, the production team of the drama said she is so into her work and has been delivering such a stellar performance during filming that they have found themselves holding their breath during the shoot.

The new police drama, known as 아무도 모른다 in Korean, will begin airing on March 2nd at 10 p.m. KST on SBS.

In addition to the new stills, a trailer for the drama was also released. Check it all out below!

Media: SBS