WATCH: K-Tigers Zero Breaks Into The Kpop Scene With “Now” And “Side Kick” Debut Music Videos

On September 19th at 6 p.m. KST, the popular Taekwondo performance team made their official debut as idols with two music videos for their album tracks entitled “Now” and “Side Kick”!

“Now” and “Side Kicks” are the official title songs of their mini-album while another music video called “Odd & Beautiful” was previously showcased as their official prologue track.

Each song showcases a different feel of K-Tigers Zero’s musical vibes by going from energetic to relaxed to sentimental. Their self-titled debut album, K-Tigers Zero Vol. 1, also includes two more tracks, “Time Travel” and “Just Once.”

Cha Cha Malone and DJ Koo were behind the production of “Now” and “Side Kicks.” The matching choreographies were reportedly created by members of the team themselves.

K-Tigers Zero is a 12-member co-ed team under K-Tigers E&C. They are composed of seven males (Sungjin, Kangmin, Hyunmin, Gunwoo, Taejoo, Hyungkyun, and Junhee) and five females (Taemi, Yoonji, Yiseul, Eunjae, and Minji).

K-Tigers Zero will soon go on their first international tour called “K-Tigers Zero Live Show World Tour 2019” which will reportedly have stops in North America this coming October.

Watch the music videos here!

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MEDIA: K-Tigers Entertainment, Danal Entertainment