5 Reasons Why Ailee Will Always Be The Queen

Most performers reach a peak in their success, holding the top spot for a couple of years before being replaced by a new group or singer that comes along and takes their place as the newest, best singer. This is definitely not the case for Ailee who— in this author’s opinion— remains the single best female performer in the Korean music arena. There are so many reasons to be a part of the Ailee fandom, but here are the top five reasons we believe that Ailee is still the Queen of solo artists! Read along and you will surely agree.

1. Ailee’s Live Performances

Ailee’s live performances always bring fans to their feet! In fact, she has always seemed to enjoy every minute in front of a live audience. If you check out the clip below from this year’s most recent Music Bank concert, it is hard to decide who is having more fun— the audience or Ailee! Her performances are always filled with energy and fun. In addition, her voice is stunning live and proves she needs no auto-tune or editing to sound amazing. You will not find any clip of a live performance where she was “off” or having a bad day. From the introduction to the final song, Ailee never lets down with solid performances that impress live.

2. Ailee’s Smile

It is impossible to watch Ailee sing and not know she was born to perform! Her smile is infectious and lights up the stage. There is nothing fake or staged about her. She seems to live for singing and her audience cannot miss out on the fact that they are watching a true talent that is lucky enough to do what she enjoys most. Even in interviews, Ailee’s smile and enthusiasm capture those around her. Every clip you watch, the audience is smiling almost as big as Ailee. Who could not help but smile as you watch her own the stage and remind you that she is where she belongs?

3. Ailee’s Humility

It is common to see performers become egotistical and overly confident— often above their talent level! However, Ailee always remains so humble about her own incredible talent. Several years ago, Ailee performed “Let it Go” with Hyorin. Her appreciation for Hyorin’s voice was genuine as you caught glimpses of her smiling as she watched Hyorin sing. It is a true professional that can enjoy another stars’ talent without being threatened, and Ailee is one of those rare individuals.

4. Ailee’s Love For Her Fans

All performers must surely get tired of the limelight and lack of privacy, but you will never see Ailee avoiding her autograph seekers or those just wanting to shout out her name as she passes them in public. Ailee always has a smile and a moment to let her fans know she sees and hears them. She is always genuinely moved by fans’ adoration and words of thanks, and she makes sure to interact with them as much as possible. Ailee has learned what a lot of new performers haven’t— it is the fans that brought you to stardom and allow you to do what you love.

5. Ailee’s Voice

There have been many female soloists in popular music, but Ailee’s vocals never let us forget that no one can surpass her vocal range or talent level. It is impossible to learn to sing like Ailee. It is impossible to imitate Ailee. She is simply the best and her talent is natural and never coached! No one can move you with ballads and love songs like Ailee! You always know her voice when you hear the first few notes of her anthems for K-dramas like “Goblin.” Yet, you are caught up in her fast, energetic songs as well. Several years ago, she performed “Bang, Bang” with Jessie and Hyorin. Although no one can dance as sexy and charismatic quite like the amazing vocalist Hyorin, there was not doubt Ailee also owned the stage in that performance. Her range is unbelievable and the strength of her voice never fades— even with the last, lingering note of each song!

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DramaElf is a dedicated lover of K-dramas. Not a night goes by without finding her in front of her Kindle, eagerly watching the newest drama. She is a particular fan of Gong Hyo Jin and Shin Min Ah. Although dramas are her biggest fascination, she is also a fan of K-pop and particularly loves Super Junior and SISTAR. Despite being a mom of two and grams of three, she can still fangirl with the best of them when it comes to her ultimate bias Leeteuk.

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