WATCH: SATURDAY Really Needs “WiFi” In Cute MV For New EDM Track

SATURDAY is back!

On February 13th, the rookie girl group made their comeback with the cute and quirky track “WiFi.” The EDM track has a fun beat that will make all listeners want to dance. As evidenced by songs like MOMOLAND’s “BBOOM BBOM” and Kim Young Cheol’s “Ring Ring,” Korea is really going through a trend of EDM songs. In fact, EDM festivals are a huge business in Seoul right now.

Capitalizing on the fun genre, SATURDAY adds their own sound to the track by keeping their sweet vocals and adding in a fast rap.

The group debuted in the summer of 2018 under the label SD Entertainment. They currently have seven members.

“WiFi” is the title track off the group’s new single album, entitled Follow SATURDAY.

In the meantime, learn more about this talented group by following their Twitter account by clicking here and Instagram account here.

Media: Official Saturday