WATCH: VAV Passionately Searches For Their “Senorita” In New Music Video

 WATCH: VAV Passionately Searches For Their “Senorita” In New Music Video

VAV is finally back with their new Spanish-flair track, “Senorita”!

On October 11th, following a slew of gorgeous teaser photos, A Team Entertainment released the newest track for their ever talented, seven-member group, VAV!

“Senorita” is an upbeat reggaeton track with a smooth Latin beat, acoustic melody, and heavy hip-hop influence. The song “Senorita”was originally performed and released by German rapper Kay One (featuring German singer Pietro Lombardi) in late 2017. VAV’s team gathered the legal licensing and worked with popular music producer Ryan Jhun back in Korea to create the perfect remix of the track and match it with fitting lyrics.

The video description describes the song story to follow “seven men who have started their passionate love-searching journey.” With heavy emphasis on rap lines during each verse, members Lou, Ayno, and Jacob shine extra bright this comeback. The new music video’s “sunlight vs. starlight” sets are beautiful, but simple enough to leave focus on the powerful, yet smooth and sexy choreography.

Fans of VAV were able to experience a live performance of “Senorita” on the group’s first international tour, the “VAV Meet & Live Tour.” The VAMPZ (VAV fans) across 13 countries that witnessed this live teaser of the track have been especially ecstatic for the music video release!

The song was released as a digital single and is available across music downloading programs such as Spotify and iTunes.

The staff here at WhatTheKpop had a blast filming an interview with VAV during the Atlanta, Georgia stop of their U.S tour earlier this year. If you haven’t seen the video yet, which is full of great moments from these cuties, check it out right here!

Watch the new music video below, then definitely let us know what you think in the comments!

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Media: A Team Entertainment

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