Idol Kim Dong Yoon Of Spectrum And “MIXNINE” Passes Away Unexpectedly

Kim Dong Yoon has passed away.

The young idol was only 20 years old. He was a member of the group Spectrum and also recently appeared on the idol survival show “MIXNINE.”

On July 27th, the tragic news was revealed, shocking fans with the sudden news. No details of his death were given, but his label said that his family, members, and the staff at the company were all in deep grief at his sudden passing.

WYNN Entertainment also went on to say that the funeral would be held quietly in accordance with his family’s wishes.

Spectrum was a rookie group who made their debut in May of 2018. Dong Yoon was a rapper for the group and had only just celebrated his 20th birthday last month. Through his appearance on “MIXNINE,” he was the only member to survive through the auditions and ended up becoming a popular person on the show.

WTK is so sad to hear the unfortunate news of Dong Yoon’s passing and offer our sincere condolences and prayers for his family.

RIP, Kim Dong Yoon.

Media: WYNN Entertainment

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