“Anarchist From Colony” And “Stranger” Take Home Grand Prize At Seoul Awards


The Seoul Awards which was held on October 27 at Kyunghee University Grand Peace Palace as Kim Ah Joong and Jun Hyun Moo,  the hosts of the night, announced the winners.

The prestigious event was hosted by Sports Seoul and honored excellence in film and television. The criteria for judging was based on critic experts in the film industry (accounting for 70% of the score) and from reviews from 60 citizens who were selected through via a thorough interview (accounting for 30% of the score). This was the first event for The Seoul Awards.

Anarchist From Colony” took home the Grand Prize for film, and tvN’s show “Stranger” won the Grand Prize for television.

See the full list of winners below!

For Film:

Grand Prize: “Anarchist From Colony”

Best Actor: Song Kang Ho (“A Taxi Driver”)

Best Actress: Na Moon Hee (“I Can Speak”)

Best Supporting Actor: Kim Joo Hyuk (“Confidential Assignment”)

Best Supporting Actress: Lee Jung Hyun (“Battleship Island”)

Best New Actor: Ryu Jun Yeol (“A Taxi Driver”)

Best New Actress: Choi Hee Seo (“Anarchist From Colony”)

Special Acting Award: Kim Soo An (“Battleship Island”)

Popularity Award: Im Yoona (“Confidential Assignment”) and Im Siwan (“The Merciless”)


For Television:

Grand Prize: “Stranger”

Best Actor: Ji Sung (“Defendant”)

Best Actress: Park Bo Young (“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”)

Best Supporting Actor: Jung Sang Hoon (“Woman of Dignity”)

Best Supporting Actress: Lee  Honey (“Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People”)

Best New Actor: Kim Min Seok (“Defendant”)

Best New Actress: Yoon So Hee (“Ruler: Ruler of the Mask”)

Popularity Award: Kim Sejeong (“School 2017”) and Park Hyung Sik (“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”)

Congratulations to all the winners!

Media: The Seoul Awards

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