WTK QUIZ: Can You Name These Lee Min Ho Roles?

It’s hard to be a Kdrama fan without watching at least one or two Lee Min Ho dramas, since the famous Hallyu star has been in some of the most popular programs of our time. The leading man in many TV series and films alike, this gorgeous guy is more than capable of tackling a variety of roles and genres. How well do you really know his filmography though? Can you name the Lee Min Ho roles featured in our exclusive WTK quiz? Find out now, then let us know your results in the comment section below.

 Panamami started listening to Kpop and watching Kdramas in early Feb 2015. She finally succeeded in getting her best friend into it a year later. Hey favorite group is BTS and her bias is Rap Monster. She also listens to Jay Park and Illionaire and loves discovering new songs with her friend. When not watching Kdramas or working, she can be seen volunteering at a horse farm. Panamami loves animals and has a dog and two cats.

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