WTK QUIZ: In Which Rookie Group Do You Belong?

So many amazing Kpop rookie groups have debuted this year! Whether it’s strong dance groups like NCT 127 or adorable girl groups like Gugudan, it seems there is a little something for every Kpop fan! From the super new groups to the ones already settling into the routine, to which one are you most like to belong? Take What The Kpop‘s fun quiz to find out now!

Ceilidhmh is a dancing machine, but when she isn’t dancing to groups like VIXX, Boyfriend, BTS, EXO, or BAP (and basically every other group that exists) she is either watching a Korean drama, cosplaying, filming, studying for her college classes, and or creating fan art! Basically K-pop has taken over her life for many years… Although she loves boy groups the most, she finds herself falling for every K-pop group she comes in contact with and falls deeper and deeper every day.

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